Friday, 12 May 2017


After a while using my sewing machine for needlepainting, I felt the urge to do some hand stitching relaxing on the sofa instead of bent over the machine buzzing away!  We had spent a lovely evening with our friends and Luba gave me a bag full of scraps from her dress designing days.  Michel and Helene were also there and Michel was telling us about his latest photographic exhibition at Caen.  He showed us the catalogue and a light bulb went off in my head, here in one hand I had the exactly right coloured fabrics and wonderful abstract images in the other.  I couldn't wait to get started the next Morning.

Michel takes beautiful pictures of the light shining through stained glass windows as they reflect on ancient stone church walls.  His website is: if you are interested in having a look, I feel sure you will be as bowled over by what you as I am.

I made a collage of blue silks and linens with some black velvet all stitched to a black needlecord base with a selection of cotton knitting yarns which were all I had to hand at the time.  When it was finished I pressed it and backed it with iron on interfacing and then made a frame of the rest of the blue/green shot silk backed with interfacing.  The last touch was to back the whole picture with some plain black lining up-cycled from an old skirt and make a slot along the top so I can hang it on the wall.
I'm very pleased with my first hand stitched abstract piece of work and the second one is already under way.  What do you think?
I'll share the next piece with you and hopefully lots of sketches too when we come back from our summer camping car trip which starts tomorrow morning.