Sunday, 1 March 2015

TENERIFE 2015 Part 1

We've just come back from our winter holiday tanned, relaxed and happy after a brilliant break in the warm sunshine.  We returned to the Dream hotel Gran Tacande at Costa Adeje for the second time.  We found that most of the staff we had met 2 years ago were still there, especially Katalin the violinist who played at breakfast a couple of mornings a week.  I sketched her and she was delighted when I showed her the portrait.  During our time there we got to know each other and have promised to keep in touch.

We went for a walk every morning after breakfast and spent the afternoons relaxing in the gardens.  I kept my new mixed mi-teintes paper sketchbook and Museum pencils in my bag so they were always at hand ready to be used.

The hotel has a variety of buildings, all in different architectural styles and coloured finishes.  This is my favourite one, pure white with lovely greenery tumbling over the balconies.
   You may remember our last visit when I drew all the buildings in pen with just a touch of watercolour in March 2013.

Every evening in the bar there was an hour of live entertainment and on the first night we were treated to a trio of Latin dancers who worked hard at their moves as well as changing their costumes at least 10 times!  I didn't take my camera on holiday this time so I had to rely on my memory to do these sketches.

The hotel gardens were filled with interesting plants of all types of palms as well as olives and others I don't know the names of.

I had hoped to do a lot of figure drawing but Bob wasn't happy that I was drawing unsuspecting victims so I had to find other things to keep myself amused.