Sunday, 16 December 2012


It's time I started to post on my blog, originally created when I was invited to join the Nature Sketchers group.  I've been so busy drawing and sketching and enjoying life that there hasn't been time to sit at the computer as well! 

I decided to start a nature journal of my own after Juliet gave me a copy of the country diary of an Edwardian Lady. 

I wanted to try and record everything that grows in and around my garden here in France. I couldn't wait until the new year and got started on the winter equinox 21st December 2011.
Even in midwinter there is colour from the camellias and azaleas.
My plan was also to try and record the weather conditions on the page opposite the flower drawings, but at this time of the year they were rather dull so not worth scanning!
           Spring came early this year with these flowers already showing themselves in January.


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