Thursday, 23 May 2013


I made a new sketchbook with mixed shades of mi-tientes paper as a complete change from my usual plain watercolour paper books.  I wanted to challenge myself to try a different way of drawing and using different media.
The first sketch is a view through our lounge window where I can see the white sloe blossom highlighted against the dark background of the bank behind it. I used a white pigment pen and a Pitt sepia pen only.
On April 27th we arrived at the static caravan we had rented for a week to give Mum a holiday so I had the opportunity to do lots of drawings while she was relaxing.  There were many tall pine trees in the park so I picked a sprig to draw here in coloured pencil.
This twig from a flowering laurel was also in coloured pencil but the writing is a calligraphy pen, which I don't think I like very much!
I can't seem to drop those crayons but I do like the effect of the white pencil on the darker background.

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