Tuesday, 4 November 2014


I've had a lovely time visiting the family in England and found myself drawn to making sketches of the interiors while relaxing. This first one was done on Sunday morning while Jimmy watched TV and his parents finished unpacking boxes from the recent move to their new home.  I had made several attempts to draw my grandson but he couldn't sit still for more than a minute at a time so abandoned that idea and drew the lounge instead!
I had some art materials delivered to Joanna's house and among them were some of the new Derwent Grapphik line makers and line painters.  I had a lot of fun trying them out and in these sketches I've used the line makers in 'graphite.'  There are 3 different thicknesses in the pouch and I used all 3 in different parts of these sketches.  I also ordered some extra colours to add to my collection of Museum watercolour pensils which I've used to colour these sketches.
After a few days with Jo and James at Whitstable it was time for the 'Granny hostage exchange' and we met up with Justine, Steph and Sarah in Reigate.  We had a delicious lunch together with Great Granma, Bob's mum, at a local pub with 4 generations at the table.  Then it was on to stay at Justine's for a few more days.  The weather started to cool down so Kevin lit a log fire one evening and got himself in the picture while hogging the heat!
Eventually it was time to go home and this time I took the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen and was fortunate enough to have the company of my darling sister and her husband on their way to spend a week with friends in France.  We decided that as it's a 4 hour drive from home that Bob would pick me up in the camper car so we could spend a few extra days together exploring the area. Our morning routine starts with tea in bed for me which Bob makes before shaving and settling down to read the news on the ipad, a great opportunity for me to sketch the interior of our second home!
Visiting Jo's new home reminded me of her first home in Farnborough, Hampshire, that she bought when she came back from several years working in Hong Kong.  We helped her with the house hunting and moving in as well as making the blinds and curtains.  I drew these in my No 1 sketchbook as I had only just started keeping a sketching journal.
It was a lovely little Edwardian semi-detached cottage with tall sash windows and a pretty garden front and back.
The bathroom had been added at the back of the house and had this wonderful traditional tub. 
There is something rather nice about sitting in a warm home drawing the outdoors when it's cold outside, I think I'll have do do more of these now that winter is on it's way!