Wednesday, 11 March 2015

TENERIFE 2015 Part 3

On Sundays Liann, the lovely activities leader, had her day off so there was no aquagym to look forward to.  We decided to take a longer walk instead along the 'paseo,' the coastal path that runs all the way through the resorts on the south western part of the island.  In half an hour we arrived at La Caleta, a tiny port with a very small beach set between the rocks.  There were plenty of caf├ęs to choose from so we went to the furthest one with a lovely outlook across the harbour.  I made sure I sat facing the view and got out my sketchbook and pen.  There were a father and son fishing off the rocks which added some perspective to the drawing and it only took about 15 minutes to complete while we drank our coffee, with the colour added back at the hotel.

When we came to this hotel 2 years ago I spent a lot of my sketching time studying and drawing the wonderful buildings of the Bahia del Duke hotel on the opposite side of the valley. They are built up the rocky slopes and each one is different with a great selection of tropical trees growing up in front.

Several parts of the Paseo are lined with the local volcanic rocks and one day we were fascinated to see these lizards peeping out from the gaps.  As we stood still and watched we could see quite a few popping their heads out to see what was going on with very little fear of their human audience.  They were practically the same colour as the grey/black stone so we really had to concentrate to see them!

The view from my sunbed one day before it got too busy.  I decided to use my artistic licence to limit the number of sunbeds and people who soon filled this view!

The twice weekly market at Costa Adeje is large and very busy and I do enjoy it to start with although it gets rather frustrating after a while trying to negociate the crowds and people with baby buggies. Last year I found a stall selling colourful beach sarongs in a fabulous bright fabric for only 10 euros and I bought 3 to make into dresses and a top.  When I went back this year wearing my sundress the ladies were delighted to see what I had made and of course I couldn't resist buying a couple more.  They said not to forget to come back next year so they could see the results!

Another evening's entertainment brought us a show of dancing with 3 very slim girls.  They danced in lots of different styles and must have changed their costumes at least 10 times.  I have drawn these from memory and I think I badly need a bit of figure drawing practise! 
 I have a plan in the pipeline to start a sketchbook where I can draw some of the clothes I've made in the past 50 years, since I started at Croydon college of art studying dress design, as well as trying to improve my life drawing.