Wednesday, 15 April 2015


When I started this sketchbook way back in August last year I had no idea how long it would take me to complete.  I filled it with an assortment of papers of many different types from pastel to drawing in lots of colours. 

I made it a rule to use each page as it came up, not skip to one I preferred, so that I could overcome the challenges of texture and media.

I soon discovered that I don't like too much texture with coloured pencils, it's far too intrusive and seems to have a strange effect on my technique making it much messier than usual.  This is on the smooth side of the paper below and I really felt the difference as I drew.

 The rough side of this particular paper Fabriano pastel paper gave me a lot of trouble trying to blend the colours while drawing this coffee cup of pretty spring flowers.  I don't think it liked being wetted either!
But this Ingres paper is gorgeous to work on with only a slight texture that's quite pleasing when it shows through the drawing.  It also comes in some gorgeous colours like mauves and rusts and greeny greys.

I follow a talented botanical artist who recently posted a blog about the origin of the colour purple which inspired me to try and depict a seashell using all my mauves on a lilac page.  If you're interested have a look here to find out how to make purple pigment from seasnails.

So I come to the end of another sketchbook that's been used on my travels, for the January challenge and to record the nature happening in and around my garden.
I can't seem to find where I posted the start of the book so here's the first page just to remind you of another of one of those lovely red papers!
We're off to England for a family visit tomorrow so I'll be busy in sketchbooks no 29 & 30 and hopefully I'll come back with lots of new things to share with you. 
A bientot and see you soon!