Thursday, 11 April 2013


When Justine and Jo were young they really wanted us to get a pet cat but not being cat lovers, we had a succession of budgies and tortoises instead.
As soon as she left and set up home with Kevin, Justine acquired a couple of kittens called Spikey and Muffin.  Spikey was big and black and Muffin was small and tabby with a lop-sided mark on her nose which made her look a bit odd. She was much loved and lived to a grand old age of 17 and was probably the only cat I came to love as she was very gentle and sat on my knee to be petted whenever I visited.
It wasn't long before Justine's family of cats grew with the arrival of 2 Maine Coons, Loki and Fenris who were beautiful pedigree creatures, named after Norse gods.
Loki is still going strong and now the senior cat in the household as his brother Fenris died suddenly in 2010 in a neighbour's garden.  It was a sad day when he disappeared and the girls went from door to door asking after their cat till finally a neighbour admitted to having found him and buried him in his own garden.  He was taken back to Justines garden and given a proper burial and a headstone.
They were all so upset at their loss that I made this condolence card with his portrait for them and it's still on the kitchen wall today!
Loki was lonely so 2 more tiny Maine Coon kittens joined the family called Odin and Narvi.  Odin is the black one in this picture with Sarah.  Narvi is orange and I can't tell the differenc with Loki now he's grown up.
So far Joanna has only had one cat which she shares with James as she spent many years travelling the world before finally settling down to start a fimily.  This is Mac a handsome Persian with wonderful green eyes and very soft thick fur.