Sunday, 16 October 2016


I have decided to take part in Inktober this year, it's an annual challenge to sketchers who want to draw something every day in pen without preparatory drawing in pencil.  I decided to draw the objects I see around me at home and here is the plant on the coffee table at the moment, a cyclamen bought for only 1.50euros at Lidl.

This bunch of lilies came in from the garden so we could appreciate them without getting our feet wet walking across a rather long lawn.  At the same time I decided to try and capture the October skies as a background.  Luckily the weather is fabulous this month so it was a joy to use my blue and pinky mauve pencils here!

The scallop season started on the 3rd of October so I marked the occasion with a shell and a description of the lovely young woman we buy our seafood from down at the port.  The scallops I cooked in a light coconut curry sauce were delicious too!

On Wednesday we were invited to lunch at a friend's house deep in the countryside.  We eventually found  his haven of peace with it's tumbling stream and pretty cottage after negociating winding lanes and smelly farmyards!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch on the terrace with this view towards the pine trees and weeping willows as well as the little interesting vignettes he had created next to the path with barrels and old logs.  I found the mushrooms hiding in the grass unnoticed by their owner!

Before we left to go home, Daniel-Alain picked me a bag full of cider apples to draw as unfortunately they turned out to be too small to do anything else with .  Now I know why they are used for cider, far too small to bother peeling and coring for stew or chutney.
All these sketches were drawn in Staedler triplus nature colour pens which are water soluble,  and coloured with pencils.