Monday, 11 May 2015


After Justine's garden party we set off to Whitstable in Kent to stay with my other daughter Jo and her partner James.  He had cooked us a delicious meal and it was lovely to catch up with him and put our feet up after a very long and busy day.  They had organised a lunch out for the Sunday with James's parents at a local pub and afterwards we went home to relax with a cup of tea.  I sketched Jo with Jim and Joan as they watched TV and fiddled with their phones.

On Monday morning we set off to Broadstairs to spend some time on the beach which was lovely with clean golden sand and some rock pools.  The weather looked lovely but the wind was freezing and we were all well wrapped up.  Jimmy had a great time jumping the waves and collecting treasures which you can see in the sketches at the end of the post.

We found several different sizes of crabs as well as a lovely orange starfish.  There were only a few pebbles as the cliffs were chalk and those that we did find had peculiar holes in them, some going all the way through.

Eventually we went to an Italian restaurant overlooking the harbour for some lunch. 

Jimmy behaves himself very well in restaurants and he always eats up his meal with no complaints.

I brought the treasures home to sketch as there wasn't time to draw them while we were there and anyway it was more important to spend time with my family!

Finally on Tuesday morning it was time to go home and we set off to Folkestone to take the train through the tunnel to Calais.  We were lucky enough to catch an earlier one, being the very last car to embark and were back home only 9 hours after leaving Jo and James's house.
Now we are busy getting ready for our next trip to Spain in the camping car.