Tuesday, 6 October 2015


The day had barely dawned and we were getting ready to leave to catch the ferry at St Malo.  I looked out through the bathroom window and was rewarded with this lovely view of the moon and Venus in the paling sky.  This is the first page in a small moleskine sketchbook I took with me in my handbag to record our latest visit to the family in England.

The channel crossing was calm and uneventful and I just did a little sketch of the view as we sat in the reclining seats after lunch.

We landed at 6pm and made our way to Cranleigh in Surrey to spend the night with our friends Dick and Camilla.  They live in a lovely part of the country and in the morning as we walked around the garden we came across Stripey the cat sunning herself in the summerhouse.

Their adjoining field is surrounded with oak trees and I picked up a few leaves and feathers to draw later.

We went on the our campsite at Alderstead Heath and settled in to recover from our journey.  In the afternoon the sun was warm so I sat and drew the view from our favourite pitch, no 15, which luckily was available. 

On Saturday morning we set off to Mum's with some shopping for our dinner together, she was so pleased to see us as she hasn't been very well lately.

I cooked the dinner and then as Bob and Mum relaxed with the papers I took the opportunity to do a bit of drawing.