Saturday, 21 May 2016


Week two of my flowering shrubs and the garden is still looking wonderful.  This pink azalea comes out in time for my birthday every May, there are two plants with one in front of the kitchen window where I can see it whenever I'm at the sink.

This is spread 3 from the little sketchbook looking around the garden.  There are always magpies flying around and keeping an eye on us although they are very nervous and fly away even if they see us moving  indoors through the window. 

I love this Pieris Andromeda plant, it's over 6 feet tall now and has never been pruned so it's a lovely natural shape reminding me of Japanese gardens.  The leaves have now turned from peachy apricot to pale yellow and lime green.  The flowers came out at the same time this year but they are far too complicated to draw!

This ground covering plant was here when we bought the house in 2002 and has been propagated many times as it's a good gap filler and seems to survive whatever I do to it!

10 years ago I bought one of these Mexican orange blossom shrubs and it was well worth the money as I've made lots more plants from the original.  They are dotted around the garden and covered in fragrant blooms at the moment.  I pruned them in August last year instead of October and it seems to have encouraged a lot more flowers.  They will need a good haircut later in summer again as they will soon be too big for their spaces. 

Another view from the terrace where on the left you can see the second azalea, which has now been blown about by the wind this week and the flowers have started to go brown.  That forsythia under the sycamore tree is a ray of sunshine for a couple of weeks in April just before the leaves open out on the tree above.

This is another shrub that came with the house.  It's just inside the entrance to the drive and seems to flower for at least half the year.  It has grown from a small shrub to a tree now and I keep the lower half free of branches so Bob can mow the lawn next to it.