Saturday, 23 July 2016


Well my mojo has certainly come back, I can't stop drawing this week!  My youngest granddaughter, Sarah, posted a selfie on Facebook last week and I couldn't wait to turn it into a portrait.

Here is the original picture showing off her new furry ears and purple hair.  I cropped the photo to the largest possible to fit on A4 so that I could trace it onto some drawing paper.  I printed it on to thin computer paper and then used wax free carbon paper and an embossing tool to transfer a simple outline so that I could be sure to get a good likeness.

I got out my best drawing pencils, the Pablos and a few Polychromos, and selected a limited range of colours to make the drawing.  Here is the finished portrait which I felt needed a bit of a background to make her pop.

So I printed the image off side by side on a piece of cartridge paper and set to with my mauve and pink pastels.  I use them with a piece of duster wrapped around my finger to pick up the pigment from the stick and rub gently on to the paper.  Unfortunately I discovered that my printer had made several greasy lines on the paper which only showed up when I started using the pastel.

I decided to ignore the marks and carried on with another selection of warm earth shades as the frame I wanted to put the picture in was a light ochre tinted wood.  I really like both versions but settled on a combination of both colour ranges in the end and as you can see in the picture at the top she really does look beautiful!
I have already started on the next one of Stephanie, my middle granddaughter who was photographed wearing one of Justine's fabulous bead creations so watch this space!