Saturday, 14 January 2017


In 2010 we went south to Sanary sur mer on the Mediterranean where we had a wonderful holiday on a campsite within a good walk of town where we took our ros├ęs before lunch nearly every day.  The waiter at our favourite bar soon got to know us and didn't need to be told what we wanted, he even gave us a free drink on our last day!
In 2011 I achieved a long held dream to visit the village of Roussillon where the famous ochre pigments used to be mined.  We found a campsite a short cycle ride from this beautiful hilltop town with a fascinating museum depicting the process of extracting the pigments from the raw stones quarried nearby.  I used paints I made myself with raw ingredients bought in the village for this, one of my favourite paintings which shows one of the processes of refinement of pigment.
In 2012 we celebrated our ruby anniversary and for a change we took a flying holiday to Corsica and stayed in 2 separate resorts, Ajaccio and Porto Vecchio, from where we visited Bonifacio. This lovely old town on the south coast has amazing cliffs with the houses built right to the edge as we saw when we took a boat trip along the coast.

Another dream was fulfilled in 2013 when we spent our summer holiday camping along the Cotes du Rhone villages wine region. This is a wonderful part of Provence where the Romans had settled centuries ago and left many monuments still standing today, as here at Vaison la Romaine which I am looking forward to revisiting as we left early that year due to the mistral which gave us both really bad chest colds.
In 2014 we finally got round to building our garden sheds so I made a 3D card for Bob's birthday for a change with layers of tools and other equipment in a folding out card.

In 2015 I spotted an MGB in a car park just like the one Bob had when we met in 1970, so photographed it with the intention of painting it for his card.  I even remembered his registration number!
Now we are up to date with the latest card, a needlepainting of a sketch of our boat, Chardonnay of Solent.  I had a lot of fun designing and making this using scraps of fabric, ribbon, and silver thread.