Saturday, 18 February 2017


My portrait sketchbook project is carrying on in the background while I work on my needlepainting during the afternoons.

I switch off my sewing machine and go downstairs at 5.30 to pick up my pencils and sketchbook to try and capture another family member.

I trawled through my photo albums in search of suitable images to scan and print ready for when the drawing mood takes me.

I made a pocket in the back of the sketchbook to hold the prints which I can then copy into the sketchbook. 

I'm trying to vary the colours I use, especially when I come to a tinted page.  Some work quite nicely....

but I don't like this shades of blue combination on purple very much.

The black and white looks best on this paper.  It's funny how you don't notice the errors till much later.. his glasses aren't the same size on both sides!

I look a bit odd too but the whole point of the exercise is to practise my portrait drawing and eventually by the time I've filled about 60 pages I'll have got it!!