Saturday, 24 February 2018


Stephanie, my granddaughter who loves rocks, is studying geology at Cardiff university so when she showed me some photos taken of microscopic sections of rock I was really inspired by the beautiful colours and designs. This is one of the textile art pieces I have created this week using various scraps from my stash like organza and velvet layered over a white linen base and stitched on the machine.
Here is my original sketch done in brush pen, black micron pen and watercolour pencils.  I had a lot of fun on dark winter evenings interpreting the photos I have stored on my Kindle tablet.

The back of the stitching on the white linen base looks like a lot of doodles!
Stephanie didn't tell me the names of the rocks but it doesn't matter too much as they are such lovely abstract patterns.

This piece was made by making some scrap lace using water-soluble stabiliser so that I could place those tiny bits of blue silk in spaces on the background which is made from a part of my grandmother's silk velvet shawl that must be at least 100 years old.

Here's my sketch, I think it looks a bit like a planet spinning in space!

The third photo looks like the world with the equator running across the middle.

The sketch is done in watercolour and I really like the way the colours mingled when I painted them which I tried to replicate in the machine stitched version.

The black patches are more scraps of grannie's velvet attached with zigzag among the pieces of organza and hand dyed cotton.
I haven't quite decided what to make with these now, maybe some birthday cards or pieced together as a cushion cover.....That means I'll need to do another one to make a square, oh well, back to the drawing board!

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