Saturday, 30 November 2013


Since our wonderful summer and warm autumn many of the plants around here are confused as to the season.  I have a Pieris Forest Flame shrub in the garden covered in flower buds which I'm sure will just fall off as soon as the temperature drops.  My small Azaleas are covered in pink and white flowers and even some of the bulbs in my pots are showing their first leaf spikes. 
 In the bank along the front of our garden is a clump of violets all in full bloom so I had to pick one to draw last weekend.  I also found this striking twig covered in bright lime green lichen which just complemented the mauve beautifully.

Very early one morning we were woken by the security light outside our bedroom window.  As usual Bob jumped out of bed and went to see what had triggered it and what a lovely surprise we had to see these two deer walking calmly along the top of the bank.  They didn't seem at all perturbed by the light so we watched for about 5 minutes till it turned off automatically and the deer sauntered off round the back of the house. 
I drew them from memory so they are probably not very correct anatomically but it's exactly the impression I wanted to show of the animals against a dark background with the brightly lit trees and shrubs in front of them.

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