Saturday, 2 November 2013


I've just returned from a visit to my daughters in England.  I had a lovely time and even managed some sketching while I was at Justine's. Sarah, my youngest granddaughter is doing the Derwent academy course and I drew her while she watched the video and then did her drawing.
Her eldest sister, Kirsty is at university in Exeter so during the evening we skyped her and both drew her from the screen.  She was looking very glamourous getting ready for a night out.
On another day Justine had organised an afternoon of pottery at a local tutor's house.  We each took our turn at the potter's wheel and had a great time making pots and chatting while we waited. The lady had her garden shed set up with kilns and shelves and also lots of arty magazines and books which she didn't mind us browsing and discussing and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Justine's cat Odin had broken his leg and was confined to a cage in the lounge while he recuperated so I took the opportunity to sketch him. His face is black with very long white whiskers which don't really show up here.

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