Monday, 12 May 2014


With all the travelling we've been doing lately, I've just realised that I've still got a few sketches of spring flowers from February that haven't been posted.  These tiny daffodils were given to me by a friend from her garden.
These tulips brightened up our days when it was cold and very wet earlier in the year. We have certainly had some extreme weather this year and are hoping the summer will be more normal when it finally arrives!
This is a twig from a chaenomeles japonica shrub in my garden which is still flowering although the blooms are now hidden by the leaves.
I found this peacock butterfly sunning itself on the log pile by our hedge, I hope it found somewhere to lay it's eggs as we do so enjoy seeing the butterflies on our buddleas in the summer.
We're off on more travels at the weekend so I'll say 'au revoir et à bientot.'