Wednesday, 2 March 2016


We have come back from our annual trip to Tenerife, relaxed and suntanned having had a lovely holiday.  This is the sketch I drew on the Sunday morning when we went for our first morning walk along the paseo.  You can clearly see the layers of rock deposited when the volcano Mt Teide erupted millions of years ago to form the island in the atlantic.

 A few days later I drew the other side of the rocks from memory showing the layers clearly visible along the path.  The top very dark grey layer seems to fold over with deep shadows underneath.

I picked up a piece to take back to draw at the hotel.  It's very crumbly and full of little stones and pebbles, I could almost imagine the lava flowing down the mountain picking up the debris as it rolled towards the sea.  The rock is used all over the island as a building material, especially for decorative walls which are very rough to the touch.

Sunday was Valentines day and every lady was given an orchid during the evening meal.  Mine lasted at least a week in it's little bag lined with florist's foam to keep it alive.

It's always fascinating to watch other holidaymakers enjoying the sunshine but sometimes they make their presence felt rather more obviously by talking in loud voices.  This man was talking to these 2 ladies for long enough for me to draw and paint him before he got up to go for a drink.

The gardens at the Gran Tacande hotel are very attractive with plenty of interesting plants to draw.  These palm trees are in the next door hotel's garden planted on a slope so they seem very tall.

Banana leaves and some low growing red leaves right next to my sunbed with the hotel buildings in the background.

More palms drawn while we waited to take part in the pool biking on the Thursday but unfortunately the wind was too strong as well as occasional rain showers meant the session was called off.  We went to the market instead so I was quite happy, buying a couple of new scarves and 2 sarongs to make into clothes.

Later in the afternoon the rain became more persistent and we were treated to a fantastic rainbow when we went up to our room to change for dinner.