Thursday, 29 May 2014


We've just been to England for a visit to Bob's part of the family. We stayed in a log cabin on a lovely site at Crowhurst near Hastings in East Sussex.  We could just see the sea through the trees growing up from lower down the slope in front  of our veranda. 
We had collected Mum on the Saturday and had a family get together at Bob's sister's home in Eastbourne on Sunday then on Monday we were up and off to do some sightseeing. Hastings is famous for it's fishing fleet that still beaches it's boats as there is no harbour to moor in.  These are some of the older ones restored and on display in an area on the seafront.
Hastings is also renowned for the net drying sheds, tall narrow wooden structures now used as fish shops and museum displays.  This tiny cottage next to the fishing museum has been made out of half the hull of an old boat, the other half was standing on it's end and used for more historical displays.
The interior of our cabin was very comfortable with leather sofas and soft beds. A very nice place to come back to and relax after our busy mornings out sightseeing.
We also visited Rye, a charming unspoiled old town with some very pretty cobbled streets lined with old timbered houses and lots of flowers and Battle, famous as the site of the battle of Hastings in 1066.  Unfortunately I left my camera at Sally's so was unable to take any photos to use as inspiration for more sketches and we weren't able to go and collect it till later in the week.
On the Wednesday evening Bob's brother, Ivor came to collect Mum to go home for a hospital appointment and Bob and I were left to our own devices for the last 2 days in the cabin.
I took a walk along the woodland path laid out at Crowhurst where there were many wild flowers to see.  The bluebells had just finished flowering  but must have been fantastic a few weeks ago as the seedheads carpeted every inch of the ground under the trees.