Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Our next port of call was back on the north coast near  Ribadeo, a town on a river which we passed by road but didn't actually visit as we had so much fun by the sea about 15 kilometres away.  This is the view from just across the road from the campsite we stayed in and we could hear the breakers through the night when the wind picked up. 
 I really enjoyed sitting here drawing with my crayons, the sun on my back and listening to the sea.

The road followed the coast and it was amazing to be cycling along with the sea at our sides, the sun shining and very little traffic to contend with.  There was a part of the coast called the praia cathedrais, or cathedral beach where the sea had carved out arches which could only be seen at low water.
We stopped there one morning and found it very crowded with coach parties and school children all enjoying the sights.  It was impossible to sit and sketch as I had hoped so I took lots of photos and drew these 2 sketches later in the tranquillity back at camp.

When we arrived at this camp there was plenty of space and I selected one near the boundary which had a nice view across to the hills.  I drew this while Bob snoozed after our first lunch here in the camp café.  By teatime the place was filling up and my view was a couple of  Dutch caravans instead!

We cycled along the coast every day we stayed here and found a tiny fishing village called Rinlo about 12 kilometres away.  I sketched the restaurant by the bridge as we sipped our beers in the bar opposite. 
A few days later we returned to have lunch there and what a feast, imagine perfectly cooked slices of ultra fresh octopus followed by the house speciality 'Arros Caldosa de Marisco'  a kind of seafood soup full of prawns, lobster, shellfish and rice washed down with chilled Albarino wine from Galicia.
We were in foodie heaven and then a lovely slow cycle back to camp really made our day!

The paths along the road and sea in this area were covered in a wonderful array of wild flowers, different to the ones I saw at Ribadesella so I gathered another bouquet to draw.
I managed to identify all except the one on the right that also comes in red and looks a bit like clover from a distance but on close inspection the leaves are different and the flowers are a bit like vetch.  Any ideas?
Next time we're on our way back to France, à bientot!