Tuesday, 8 July 2014


For my birthday this year Justine sent me a book of paintings by Carl Larson, a Swedish artist who painted his home and family in watercolours.  I've always loved his work and I recommend you look him up to see what I mean. He and his wife had at least 8 children and were both artists.  Karin was a gifted weaver and decorated her home with tapestries and wall paintings and I think you might recognise some of her influence in the style made famous by Ikea.
I remembered that I had drawn my home a couple of years ago and looked out the old sketchbooks to scan the images.  Our home is in a modern Breton style with a low sloping roof at the back of the house that reaches almost to the ground giving us lovely low windows through which to view the garden. Of course there's the problem of the curtains but I solved it with a pole and rings sewn to the back to hold them against the wall.
I love this triangular window on to the terrace which has a sail cut down that attaches with suckers as a curtain for when we go away.
At the other end of the lounge is the dining area with a fantastic large picture window looking over the front garden.  That orchid seems to appear everywhere!
Upstairs all the rooms have sloping roofs and I have to be careful not to get out of bed too quickly for fear of banging my head!
This is an old painting I did soon after moving in when we were planning the garden and you can see the low roof quite clearly.  I love my French home for it's light and space, the whole of the living area is open plan from the kitchen to the lounge so I'm never isolated when I'm cooking as I was in all our English homes. It also means I can sit at the dining table with my art projects while Bob watches the rugby etc and enjoy the atmosphere without having to sit and watch it all!

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