Friday, 4 July 2014


This summer has been fabulous so far with sunshine almost every day since the beginning of June.  We've been making the most of it as now we are working hard building our new garden sheds.  This sketch was drawn early one evening when the low sun caught the beautiful white trunks of the silver birches opposite my kitchen window.
This is another view from our terrace where I sat on my sun lounger while Bob watched the football.  The sun was casting long shadows across the rather yellow grass and leaving the ivy bank in the background in deep shade.
This is the west facing side of the house with my wonderful array of scented geraniums. 
 A few years ago I took a few sprigs from our friend HervĂ©'s garden and planted it in this rather dry spot next to the house.  I have obviously found the perfect spot as the plants have flourished and spread so much so that now I'm going to give some back to HervĂ©! He pulled all of his plants out because he got fed up with the maintenance but now Luba, his wife, wants some to put in a wall garden next to their terrace.
The flowers are a magnet for bees, butterflies and this hummingbird hawkmoth which came to feed for a while.
Another hungry visitor was this seagull who could smell our barbecue from far up in the sky.  He swooped down and walked up and down expectantly but had to leave disappointed as we don't want to encourage them to come into the garden.
I decided it was time to draw the old garden shed before we demolish it when the new ones are finished.  It is 11 years old and we are quite surprised it's still standing, the floor on one side has collapsed and we dare not move too many things inside for fear of the whole lot falling over!