Sunday, 3 August 2014

MY 150th BLOG

I've just realised that I've reached a milestone in my blogs, number 150 in only 2 years.  I really enjoy sharing my drawings with you and hope you like what you see here.
I'll continue with our sailing travels with a visit to Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands. It's about 6 hours from Cherbourg, which was our first landfall after 12 hours sailing from England. We always stopped here next on our way to France and came here to shop every year once we moved to France permanently. Marks and Spencer, Boots, Waitrose and other English shops were always on our list and we went home laden with goodies that we couldn't get in France.  
Guernsey harbour is protected by Castle Cornet which dates from the 13th century.
The marina itself is tidal with lock gates that open when the tide has risen enough for boats to pass over the sill.  One night when we were there, there was a spring tide and all the boats in the harbour rose almost to the top of the walls and we were able to see over the top to the floodlit castle.
We visited the castle one day and were rewarded with lovely views of the town which climbs the steep hills as well as the charming view at the top of the post looking out to sea.
It's a fascinating castle, full of unexpected corners and very interesting nautical and historical displays.  I drew this view with marker pens, just for fun and it turned out quite well.
From our mooring on a pontoon in the marina we were able to look at the town and watch the world go by.  I never got tired of drawing the buildings along the water front, although the sound of the pedestrian traffic signal was rather intrusive at times!
This sketch in Graphitint coloured pencils is full of memories of listening to the cricket on the radio as England won the Ashes.
The island of Guernsey is beautiful with wonderful beaches and rocky cliffs and the bus service is very good for visiting different parts to explore and spend a day walking the coastal paths.
Whenever we sailed to the Channel islands we always saw gannets flying over the sea, they were so graceful, just skimming the waves as well as diving to feed on the shoals of fish.  We were also lucky enough to see dolphins occasionally out in the open sea.
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