Friday, 15 August 2014


Since the end of June Bob and I have been busy working in the garden building our new sheds.  We were very lucky with the weather in July and completed shed one in 3 weeks.  I haven't done as much sketching as usual but here we are jumping up and down on a board to try and settle the gravel we had laid as the foundation.
The wooden structure went up very quickly within a week and the roof tiles took another, very hot  week to complete.  Bob was in serious danger of getting stuck as the bitumen melted as he worked in the hottest summer we've had here for years. 
 In our neighbourhood there is a rule that one does not do DIY or noisy gardening between midday and 2pm so that people can eat their meals in peace so we had to down tools every day and do something quiet for an hour before we took our lunch.  In this way we were able to get all the wood treatment and then the exterior paint on in between our spells of hammering and drilling!
Here's Bob admiring his freshly undercoated floor and you can see the foundation for shed no 2 on the left.  We're now waiting for a few consecutive dry days to get it put up, but the forecasts keep threatening showers which sometimes come and sometimes don't so we've been getting on with more finishing jobs instead.  All the wood has been treated and covered up with groundsheets, the steps are cut from the spare floor joists and I've painted 2 coats of floor paint and 2 coats of preservative on the inside walls in the last 3 days.
We're really looking forward to the holiday in the camper car we've promised ourselves when it's all done.