Tuesday, 28 July 2015


After returning from a few years working in Hong Kong, my daughter Joanna decided to buy her first home and after a lot of searching we found a little Edwardian end terrace house in Farnborough.  It still had some period features like this roll topped bath and an old fashioned chain flush loo.  She worked hard to decorate and tidy up and I'll never forget the state of the kitchen when we started to clean under the cupboards!

This is a bit romanticised as there were really high hedges in front but that vine over the door was a passion flower which was laden with blooms in summer.  Joanna worked hard in her garden and had a lovely display at the back with pots full of pansies and geraniums.

I made some red roman blinds for her lounge windows and her sister Justine made the white curtains and supplied her old sofas. A dining table and chairs came form other members of the family and we all helped out with crockery and cooking utensils etc.
Gradually Joanna built herself a lovely home which she lived in and loved for several years.  Bob and I stayed there for 3 months between selling our house and moving to France in 2002. 

Here's a sketch of the pots I gave Joanna when they were in my last English garden.  I couldn't bring them all here so they were given a lovely new home at Jo's.
Next time I'll take you for a visit to Trebeurden one of our favourite holiday sailing destinations.