Monday, 3 August 2015


The first time we went to Trebeurden it was after meeting some friends who had been there and were singing it's praises but all we had for the navigation was the brochure they gave us and a general chart showing the way from Perros.  We found our way in between the rocks and found a lovely sheltered marina which we visited every time we came to France after then and after buying a proper chart!

When you arrive outside the marina there is a waiting area with several buoys to tie up to while waiting for the tide to rise high enough to pass over the sill that holds back the water.  If the weather was calm we often stayed on the buoy and enjoyed the tranquillity and the beautiful views.

The marina walls are made of piled up granite blocks which as you can see from this sketch rise high above our heads when the tide is low.  I've lost count of the times I've sat here and drawn the boats and the pine trees you can see at the top of the post.

This island is on the other side of the moorings looking north and is a sanctuary for gulls in the breeding season but in summer is popular with families for their Sunday picnics.  We used to sit on our boat and watch as the experienced locals sailed their boats between the rocks to take a shortcut out to sea, something we did not have the nerve to try!

There were always beautiful sunsets at Trebeurden but the best way to see them was to climb to the top of the hill next to the marina and look west out to sea beyond the chaotic rockscape.

This is the local traditional trip boat that's moored in the marina at Perros, it's to be seen sailing most days in the season, crowded with people trying their hand at sailing or just enjoying the ride.

One of the islands off the beach here is called Ile Rouzic and is a famous reserve for gannets, apparently 21,000 couples live there.  We always saw these beautiful birds when we went sailing in the local waters, usually gliding just above the waves, but it was a real treat to see them fishing one day, dive bombing the shoals of mackerel.
We spent many happy times sitting on our boat in Perros harbour, even in bad weather, sheltering under the awning watching thunderstorms over the hills.

Panning left from the picture of the storm you see the harbour wall where the fishing boats tie up to unload the catch before returning to the deep water moorings just outside the marina.
Next time we'll go a bit further along the coast to l'Aberwrach, another of our favourite places.