Sunday, 6 March 2016


A favourite part of my holiday is visiting the market and buying something to remind me of our trip.  The market at Adeje is very busy and full of typical souvenir type products and there are several stalls selling sarongs. I go to a particular one run by 3 charming ladies who are very enthusiastic salesladies and buy a couple of sarongs every year. This year I chose a black patterned and a blue batik printed one.

I spent a happy afternoon designing a dress to make with my purchase and came up with 3 different ideas as you can see here.  My favourite is the one at the top and after spending a bit of time draping myself in the fabric I decided to go back and get a second one to make sure I had enough to make the long dress I had in mind.

The blue sarong has a nice border design which I will incorporate into the design of this tunic I will make.  It's very similar to a pink one I bought a couple of years ago which I wore when I visited the market this year to show the ladies.

Another idea was to copy a dress I bought in Corsica a few years ago but I prefer the other design I came up with later.

Here's a drawing of one of my previous sarong frocks from 2014.

And this sundress has become one of my summer standbys for hot sunny days, although I made it from a purply blue sarong and this orange turned into another dress with short sleeves.  The ladies on the stall were delighted when they saw all my creations.
I'll be back in a few days to carry on showing you my drawings of the hotel and surroundings.