Saturday, 12 March 2016


After 5 days of lovely hot sunshine the weather changed and became cool and windy with some pretty heavy rain showers.  Fortunately there was a lovely big seating area in the hotel lobby with lovely big windows giving views to the gardens outside.

I had been wanting to draw them ever since our first visit 4 years ago but couldn't justify sitting indoors when the sun was shining!  We had missed the pool biking on Thursday because of the weather and the next day the aquagym was also called off but replaced with a class of fitball instead.

I drew this later on sitting on our balcony looking over the rooftops to the sea.  On our previous stays at the Gran Tacande we had been on the other side of the building with lovely views over the pools and the adjoining hotel with it's traditional architecture so we were pleasantly surprised to have this sunny room with a spacious balcony for a change.  A couple of days later we got chatting to a German couple who we had met on our previous visit and after coming to see our room, Christine decided she would much prefer to be on the sunny side so organised it for their next visit.

On Sunday there was no aquagym to look forward to so we decided to walk to the next village along the coast, only about 45 minutes away.  We stopped for a break along the way and this sketch is the view looking west towards Caleta.

We arrived at Caleta and found a cafĂ© overlooking the sea to have a delicious double expresso that only cost 1euro each.  I had already drawn the view last year so this time Bob got into the sketch instead!

The entertainments in the evening were a bit different from the previous year and this group of acrobats were very entertaining with their magic tricks and balancing acts.  We weren't sure if they were Aborigine (Bob) or Zulu (me) so I asked Adam the entertainments manager and found that I was right.  I had recognised their costumes from the Zulu doll my granny gave me about 60 years ago!

The gardens at the hotel are a never ending source of inspiration for me, I think I may have drawn this tree before but it's so nice just sitting in the warm sun with a pen and a sketchbook, listening to odd conversations while Bob snoozes!

These 2 trees are on the edge of the outdoor dining area and in a perfect spot next to our favourite sunbeds too. 
Next time I'll share a few portraits with you so keep in touch!