Saturday, 25 March 2017


I've just realised I haven't posted anything from sketchbook no 41 which I started in January with this title page combining some snowdrops from the garden with a simple numeral.
Here is the cover, a pretty batik fabric (thank you Juliet!) and my favourite pen at the moment tucked into the spine.
The pages measure 11 x 17 centimetres.

It's quite a small book made from some watercolour cards I bought last year but never used so they seemed perfect to make into a book, being already folded.

There were few flowers around when I started to fill the book and this page is one of my favourites, some hellebores from a plant given to me by Justine about 10 years ago.  They never fail to pop up in January and brighten up the dark winter days.

I have a few dried Hydrangeas in a vase and one day I noticed how well they co-ordinated with my little Canterbury pottery vase containing a few narcissi.

A few years ago when I cleared out my mother-in-law's patio pots she gave me the old miniature daffodil bulbs to take home and they are still going strong in a corner of the herb garden where I can see them from the kitchen window.

There are always bunches of tulips in the shops at this time of year and I can't resist bringing some home to draw and just enjoy of course! 
You might have seen some of these sketches recently turned into needlepaintings and there are a lot more to come too when I get around to the next batch of drawings.  I hadn't planned to make this a nature journal but that is how it's turning out although it was originally made for our trip to Italy last summer which we had to postpone.
Have a nice weekend, remember to cherish your mothers on Sunday, I'm busy drawing mine at the moment ready for tomorrow when I'll be posting it on Facebook.