Thursday, 20 April 2017


Time to catch up on my sketchbook 41 nature journal with a few recent drawings of the nature in and around my garden.  These violets are growing in the lawn at the moment since I persuaded Bob to let them grow instead of spraying with weedkiller and what a picture the are, just imagine a green and purple carpet all over the garden.
And just in case you don't believe me, here's a photo!

The Forsythia doesn't last very long but what a delight it is when it's in bloom.

I have a couple of shrubs, one of which is in the shadier part of the garden next to the bank and it really lights up the corner with the bright yellow flowers.
I have interpreted a bunch in one of my needlepaintings too, such a pleasure to have the flowers on my worktable and study them as I stitched.

Many of the trees around here have lichen growing on them in such pretty shades of green.  Apparently it is a sign that the air is very clean, we say here in Brittany that it gets washed by the rain nearly every day!

It's surprising how dry and crispy the lichen feels when you touch it!

The ferns are beginning to unfurl in the garden and down the lane.
Well, that's it for a couple of weeks, we're off to England in the morning so I'll see you later, hopefully with a lot more drawings to share.

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