Saturday, 15 April 2017


This week's needlepainting is a magnolia inspired by the blooms in the garden at the moment.

The magnolia bush was already in the garden when we bought our house nearly 15 years ago.
We moved it to a sunnier spot when we realised it was in the shade of the bank and soon to disappear underneath it in fact as the ivy was growing across the lawn at quite a rate.

This set of drawings is in my nature journal from 2012 when I drew the same flower on the tree as it opened and died over 3 weeks.

I had wanted to draw the seeds as well but the birds got there first!

With the dark ivy covered bank behind the shrub and the flowers looking like lightbulbs shining in the sun, I couldn't resist drawing them again the following year.

This year again I've drawn the flowers but now as inspiration for my needlepainting.

I love the purple on the underside of the petals and for the picture I used some scraps of a cashmere cardigan that was no longer worn.
And finally here's a photo of one of those beautiful blooms.
Have a happy Easter!