Saturday, 12 October 2013

Derwent academy part 2

Lesson 4 of the academy classes was drawing in coloured pencils, my favourite medium.  It was interesting to see a demonstration of shading and using colours for optical mixing and I think my cockerel turned out ok.
In the same lesson was a demonstration of drawing on black paper and this has really inspired me to use tinted paper for more drawings;  I had bought a 'Travel scrapbook' for 1 euro at the local boot sale and discovered it was perfect for this type of sketch. It's not proper drawing paper but the pencils glide beautifully over the surface and scan brilliantly giving the images an inner glow.
Lesson 5 was watercolour painting and the demonstration showed wet in wet colour mixing on the paper.  I think I got a bit carried away with this one using autumn colours but they seemed to think it was ok!
Finally Lesson 6 was all about using oil pastels.  I have had a basic set of these for many years, having got them free with a pad of pastel paper but never liking the texture of the crayons they stayed in the cupboard unused.  I was shown how to put down a base layer of several colours and then to glaze over with black.  Then with an embossing tool to draw out the image and then scrape out the background to leave the image as a silhouette.  I'm quite pleased with the result but I doubt if I'll ever use it again!  So that's all there is to it and I'm now waiting impatiently for my box of Inktense pencils which I hope will turn up soon! 
I do hope some of you will give it a go as you will learn a bit about drawing in different media and the prize is well worth the effort.