Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My favourite season

Autumn is truly my favourite season with it's fresher weather and the lovely colours that start to appear in the hedgerows.
Here in Perros we don't get a lot of autumn coloured leaves as the salty wind tends to turn them brown before they have a chence to go golden.  I really appreciate the gentle fading of the hydrangea flowers into soft greens and reds and purples.  In fact the hydrangea flowers last a lot longer than the autumn leaves so we get a bonus. As Perros is known as  'la cité des Hortensias'  we have plenty to see all winter as long as the over-enthusiastic gardeners don't chop the heads off too soon!
This year the oak trees are laden with fruit all shining and glowing in the gentle sunshine.
Of course I can't resist drawing a sprig of sloes, I just love those dark blue-black berries and they are quite a challenge to get them looking just right!