Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Derwent Academy

Last month I received an email from Derwent inviting me to take their academy drawing classes.  At first I wondered where they had got my address from then I remembered that for the last few years I have been sending off for samples of their pencils as they launch new ranges. There are 6 video tutorials and after registering all you do is submit your drawing for approval and the next class is opened for you to take.  The reward for completing the set is a certificate and a wooden box of 18 colour pencils. That was enough to get me started, I can never resist a freebie!
So I started with the first lesson on drawing with pencils and shading. Even though I have been drawing for years, to be told what to do is quite a challenge and I found it quite hard to get used to using graphite pencils again as I've concentrated on drawing with pens and colour pencils in the last few years.  These spheres took 3 goes to get right!
Lesson 2 was all about one, two and three point perspective and shading to show depth.  Again it wasn't as easy as it looks.  I do like to draw architecture and am aware of the rules of vanishing points and horizon lines and this has helped me to concentrate a bit better on getting the angles right.
The third lesson was texture and depicting natural shapes.  The tutor drew a seashell with pencil stippling for the shading and another in charcoal. I found my own shell to draw and as you can see it was very difficult to get the hollow shape correct.
 I really don't like drawing in charcoal either, I hate to get my hands all dirty!
I will post the rest of the story next time but here's the address of the acadmy if you're interested in having a go too!