Monday, 10 February 2014


The last few weeks have been very busy for me. My daughter Justine announced the date of her annual garden party in aid of charity and this is the first year I have had the opportunity to be there.  
I booked my flights straight away and got started on making some things to sell.
I went through all my old paintings and cut some up to make original cards as well as doing a few new pictures which were all attached to purchased blanks or offcuts of the coloured card I use when I make birthday cards for the family.  Then I scoured my sketchbooks for suitable images to print off for more cards.  I ordered some cellophane bags and now they are all wrapped up with a personal label on the back I think they look very professional.
After that I set to and started on a batch of 10 handbound notebooks.  Last year with this idea in mind my brother-in-law had given me some quality computer paper from his stationery firm.  My bookbinding instructor had given me some offcuts of the stiff card used in the covers of books as well as some short lengths of ribbon she had.  I've been collecting pretty patchworking fabrics for a while so there was plenty to choose from for the covers.
It took me over 2 weeks working every afternoon to get these done to add to the dozen or so I made last year and delivered when I went for my autumn visit.  I made a showcard to display the prices as well as some ideas for the use of these pretty books using a cupcake giftwrap as a background which goes with the theme of the garden party.  Justine and her girls will make cakes and biscuits to sell as well as the jewellery and plants Justine produces. She also invites some of her crafty friends to come and sell their wares so we're hoping for a bumper day with plenty of visitors. The date of the party is Saturday April 26th so I hope any of you who know me and are not too far from Guildford will make the effort to come and support us!

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