Monday, 27 January 2014


Today it's my grandson Jimmy's 2nd birthday and I thought I would share his birthday card with you.  I was inspired by a painting by Alain Thomas, an artist who specialises in paintings of birds, especially toucans, in a jungle setting. I decided to make it 3D so I had to separate the picture into several layers.
I used light blue card for the back and sides and my Museum watercolour pencils for the painting. I started at the back with the sky and then a cut out layer of the distant trees using soft muted colours.
Then the toucan layer, painted on black card to give him some strength.
The third layer is the jungle plants painted on green card which gives a very bright effect.
Finally I made the frame to put on the front which pulls it all together.  I reinforced the top and bottom bars with another layer of card and started on the sides. I took 2 pieces of the blue card and folded them in one inch concertina folds then built up the card, layer by layer sticking each picture on the layer above so they stand out when the card is stood up.  Last of all I made a tiny monkey out of velour paper and stitched a vine for him to hang on, just out of reach of the toucan.
Jo called me on Skype so I could see Jimmy open his card and he loved it, especially the monkey and he had fun identifying the other creatures on the front.

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