Sunday, 6 April 2014


I've had a lot of fun recently drawing members of my family.  This is Kirsty, my eldest granddaughter, studying classics at university.  She has a fabulous mane of pre-raphaelite red hair and loves to show it off.  Every year for her birthday I try to find a suitable red-headed subject to copy for her card but you'll have to wait till May to see what I drew this year!
This is the picture for Jo's card this year with James her partner and Jimmy my youngest grandchild. I drew it several weeks ago and kept it in the kitchen so I could look at it every day before I sent it off.
My darling Mummy drawn from a photo taken in 1985 at the 40th wedding anniversary party of Bob's parents.  I sometimes wonder if she's thinking of her own marriage which only lasted 19 years before my Dad died of a heart attack aged 59.  She was such a brave person to carry on with 4 teenage children, one of whom (me) shocked the family by getting pregnant at 17 and having to get married in a rush!