Sunday, 30 March 2014


As we were on an all inclusive full board holiday we took all our meals in the hotel restaurant which was split into 2 areas and very busy at peak times.  We tried to start a bit later and arrive in time to get a table by the panoramic windows looking out towards the sea.  At lunchtime we usually succeeded, helped by one of these charming waitresses who gave us a wave when they saw us coming if a table was about to come free.  They worked very hard serving wine and water and keeping the tables cleared, they really earned the tips Bob gave them before we left!
These palm trees were growing in the garden at the bottom of the waterfall thet tumbled down through the levels of the hotel to the lower pool.  I had to wait till nearly the end of the holiday to find the first sunbed in the row free before I could sit there to draw it.  Even though the hotel guide said that sunbeds were not to be reserved they were practically all taken by 10 in the morning with a towel laid out even though the occupants didn't turn up for another hour or more.
Another sarong from the market with a few more ideas on the construction.  I finished the red one yesterday and can't wait for some warmer weather to wear it.
Everywhere in the area there are these fabulously bright bougainvilla flowers tumbling over fences and climbing up walls in all shades of red and pink.  The pink pepper trees are used a lot too in the streets as well as the gardens, the berries are piquant and spicy like a juicy peppercorn.
This tree Bob was sitting under had been trimmed and trained into a solid cone shape and had wonderful shade underneath for when the sun was very hot.
I captured this lady sitting by the pool as she waited for the aquagym to start.
Another 'waiting by the pool' sketch, I'm not able to sit and read for hours in the sun, much preferring to be sketching in my book and the subject matter is usually what I can see in front of me! We had a lovely relaxing holiday, walking and swimming in the morning and taking it easy in the afternoons.  As we have been to Tenerife several times now we didn't feel the need to go off exploring and the coach tours were very expensive for what you saw, according to our Belgian friends.