Sunday, 20 December 2015


Here are the last few of my sketches from the telly sketchbook.  This news reader has a beautiful strong face and fortunately the programme lasts for half an hour so I have plenty of time to capture the likeness.

A costume drama starring Keira Knightly and Ralph Fiennes.

Beautiful costumes.

Intricate hairstyles.

A documentary about Henry VIII

Matthew McFadyen as Mr Darcy, yummy! 

I liked the costumes in this Agatha Christie series.

Difficult to capture  Benedict Cumberbatch, I'll just have to watch more Sherlock!

Recent series: a London Spy.

Saga, the detective in 'the Bridge,' she's such a moody character.
And finally, the sketchbook cover that attracted me in the first place with the 3 magic pencils I've used in the sketches.  My favourite is the one on the right with yellow, red and blue combined in the lead, I'm already onto the second one as I've completely used the first one to the end.
See you soon, hopefully in time for Christmas with my latest creations.


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