Saturday, 12 December 2015


I've just filled another sketchbook, this time it's the one I keep on the coffee table with a magic multi-coloured pencil ready to use when I'm inspired to draw.  I bought it at Lidl in the spring for only 2 euros and it's got very thin paper which means that you can see the previous drawings on the next page but it stops me being precious about wasting paper!

The Last Kingdom, a series based on the books by Bernard Cornwell has just come to an end after 8 weeks  and we've been enthralled by the characters, the history and the closeness to the original books.

It's the story of a Viking who is brought up as a Saxon who ends up as an advisor to Alfred the Great.  There's a lot of mud and violence but plenty of passion and intelligence too.

Alfred is depicted as a sickly man but his charisma shines through and he finally becomes the victorious king we know him to be.

Uhtred of course is the star of the show played by an unknown actor, Alexander Dreymon who I am looking forward to seeing again!
Next time I'll show you my impressions of Strictly Come Dancing, my Saturday night favourite.