Monday, 14 December 2015


We've nearly come to the end of this autumn's Strictly Come Dancing series, a highlight  on Saturday evening television.

It's very difficult to draw the dancers as they move around and the dresses appear at many different angles.  I have been trying to memorise the clothes but it's a lot harder than you would think! 

It's easier with the faces as they come up again and again and it's possible to keep on adding to the sketch.  I loved Darcy Bussel in her Morticia make up and hair, it really suited her.

I'm planning to start a new sketchbook in the new year to concentrate on fashion drawing, using a lovely book Justine has given me as inspiration.  I am hoping to remember and draw all the clothes I have made myself over the last 55 years.

My figure drawing is seriously rusty so this will be quite a challenge, getting the proportions right and coming up with my own 'look'.

Next time I'll show you some of the film stars I've drawn, some recognisable, some definitely not!