Saturday, 1 October 2016


During our time at l'Aberwrach we cycled to Lannilis, a few kilometres away, to visit the market and have a look around.  It was very busy  and we bought honey and garlic from the friendly street vendors. After a beer in a café we decided to cycle back to our home port for another lunch at Captain Crepe where we were warmly welcomed by the owner who remembered us from our last visit a few days ago.
A few hours later I was sitting on the beach drawing the view with a variety of different water sports passing in front of me in the late afternoon sun.  The strangest thing I saw was this group of wave walkers in wetsuits following an instructor, really working hard to keep up and tripping over the rocks hidden beneath the waves.  There were at least 20 or more but I couldn't fit them all on the page!

The next day was our 44th wedding anniversary and we celebrated by moving the camper car into the carpark at the port so that we could take a special meal at the Vioben restaurant, only a few metres walk from our spot.  We had a delicious lunch of oysters, fish and a nectarine dessert.  Later in the evening we took a bottle of champagne and sat overlooking the river and reminisced about our sailing days there.
The next morning it was time to move on and we decided to go to the other side of the river where there was another campsite overlooking the light house.  We chose this fabulous spot with a perfect view that I drew while Bob took his afternoon siesta. 

The weather that day was drizzly and getting damper as evening came.  I sat and drew the view through the front of the car while the light changed and the lighthouse disappeared in the mist.  The tide was rising and splashing against the rocks that only half an hour earlier had been surrounded by sand.

In the morning it was all change with lovely sunshine and we set off on our bikes in search of coffee and then to get as near as possible to this amazing lighthouse.  I sat on the rocks at the tiny harbour used by the lighthouse men when it was manned to make this sketch, reflecting on the fact that we had now seen it from all sides but never yet gone inside, maybe you have to leave something to the imagination!  I doubt if either of us could climb the 365 steps to the top now!  Afterwards we ate a delicious lunch of oysters and Muscadet at the café owned by the 'ostreiculteurs' (the growers in English).

Later on we started to make plans for our next move to the bay of Morbihan on Sunday morning.  Bob got out the GPS and worked out the route ready for the morning.

It was a stormy evening and we were being buffeted by the gusty winds as I drew this plant I picked from the bank next to our pitch.
Next time we'll be at Arradon on the beautiful bay of Morbihan so I look forward to seeing you then!