Saturday, 22 October 2016


On a wet Friday afternoon I looked through my studio window down onto the garden and saw something white shining in the rain so I put on a mac and went to have a look.  This is what I found, a fabulous parasol mushroom with a couple of others already growing through the undergrowth.  I brought it indoors and placed it in a tall glass to draw.  I later added the sunrise colours that appeared the next morning.

I love fir cones and the challenge of drawing them with their complicated design based on the Fibonacci spiral.

I spent a few days collecting and drawing some fruit and nuts found in my garden and down our lane.

The mushroom lasted several days indoors slowly drying out and dropping it's spores on a piece of paper I had fortunately laid underneath the glass to prevent them soiling my tablecloth.  The skies for most of the week remained bright and sunny so I  added a delicate background again.

The next few days were very busy as I had decided to bind several books to take to England with me next week for Justine to sell at her Christmas fair.

I only sat down to draw in the evenings and I amused myself drawing the view from the sofa.

The Staedtler Triplus pens worked very well washed with a little water to tint this set of sketches.