Thursday, 3 November 2016


I've been working away on this project every day but sometimes the pictures get put together on one page, like this collection of fruit, mushrooms and an oyster shell from last weekend.  The Triplus pens are so versatile, I've only used the 6 colours in the nature set and an extra pale green to draw all these different items.

One morning during the week I looked out of the window just in time to see this sight of a magnificent magpie lit by the sun with the rain clouds looming in the background.  Within a few moments he flew off for shelter as the rain storm began.

Our walnut tree is laden with nuts this year and I've started to harvest them as soon as the husks start to crack.  If I leave them on the tree too long the birds will make a feast of them or they will fall to the ground and rot.  I drew this one with a dip pen and ink in sepia and raw sienna colours.

Another multi-day page, autumn leaves this time collected on a walk down our lane on a sunny afternoon.

I had high hopes of this one using the runny acrylic inks again although I'm not really happy with it but I'm sharing it anyway in the spirit of inktober.  I think the drawing paper in my sketchbook isn't quite absorbent enough for the watercolour effect I was aiming for.
Well, that's it for my Inktober this year, I've just got back from a week in England with my family and haven't had time to do any sketching apart from a few scribbles in my tiny handbag moleskine.