Thursday, 28 February 2013

Swedish journey part 6

While we were in Sweden I had to buy myself a new Dala horse.  When I was little, I remember a set of 4 or 5 on the bookcase ranging in size from tiny to large, I've no idea where they are now so I had to get one for posterity!

This is a copy of a favourite photo from my album, Christopher, Rosalind and me dressed up for a fancy dress party with Daddy.  I'm so grateful he was such a keen photographer as without all his pictures we would have very little idea of any of our childhood and our parents' story.

This is an Orrefors fish bowl given to our parents as a wedding present which I cherish.  Bob and I visited the glass works during the trip and bought ourselves a 40th anniversary vase as a souvenir of the journey to leave as an heirloom for the future too.

Christmas in Sweden is full of memories for me, especially the fragrance of pepperkaker which are made every year.  The festival of St Lucia happens early in December when girls dress in white robes and parade with candles, the special girl chosen to be St Lucia also has a crown of candles.  

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