Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The end of the Nature journal

This is the last post from my nature journal of 2012
We had some reasonable weather in December so I took my walk to the beach quite often.  One day I walked right to the water's edge and saw these strange creatures half buried in the sand over a large area.  I picked one up and studied it for a while so I could draw it when I came home. There were various sizes and shapes and they reminded me of glass paperweights with coloured patterns inside.
The next day I returned with my camera and found there were only a few left so I took a couple of photos for reference and to compare with my sketch of the day before.  I posted these on Nature Sketchers blogspot asking if anyone knew the name of the creature.  Several comments gave the name moon jellyfish or Aurelia Aurita, so it was an interesting way to share my find and learn at the same time!
The weather turned wet and windy again and I found these pretty coloured lichens on a fallen branch.
I had an enjoyable time last year making a record of all the flowers, weather and life in and around my garden and am already plannning my next sketching project so watch this space!

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