Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wild life and windy weather

Our garden is full of fragrant flowers well used by the local bees so I was sad to find this one lying dead in the garden but pleased to have the opportunity to study it in detail.  There is a beekeeper quite near to us  and I often buy his honey so it's nice to think his bees may have collected nectar from my garden.  I did read once that eating the local honey could give one immunity to diseases!
A few more weather windows.
It's surprising how many different mushrooms appear in the grass in autumn.  Fun to draw but I'm not tempted to try eating them!
A windy walk one day and I was surprised by a flock of chaffinches taking off at the same time as a big gust of wind blew a lot of leaves up in the air mixing them with the birds.
The sycamore tree opposite the dining room window is a popular perch for birds and it's lovely to be able to see them now the leaves have fallen.  Recent visitors include long tailed tits, green woodpecker, jays and magpies as well as the regular robins, blackbirds, tits and thrushes.

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