Thursday, 21 March 2013


Looking out of our balcony towards the sea we had a wonderful view of the island of Gomera in the distance past these amazingly tall trees.
Just outside the gate at the end of our hotel grounds and across the road was this citadel on a volcanic outcrop, surrounded with exotic gardens but inaccessible to the public except by a path around the outside on the rock itself.
Our room was in the 6th building from the sea on the 4th floor so we could see all around from the sea to the mountains. It was very comfortable with a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi bath which we used every evening.
I was never short of subjects to draw although Bob moved his chair as soon as I started to draw so the perspective here is a bit odd!
This is the first building of the Bahia del Duque hotel with it's assorted roof tops.  I had decided after the first sketch on the Monday to try and restrict my 'colouring in' to the sky and the trees as otherwise it all becomes too busy.  I quite like the effect of leaving the buildings plain although in reality they are all shades of ochre and warm terracotta with red roofs.